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Dare to design a company that inspires…

Design a company that inspires higher revenue, higher levels of productivity, higher levels of performance, and more. Create a culture of innovative thinking, excitement, and engagement by working with McCullough Leadership Group to customize a pathway that will lead to your success.

We work with you to achieve the strategic intent you have for your company. We meet you where you are, and together we create a pathway to a future that inspires not only you, but every leader in every division of throughout your organization, cascading all the way to the front line.

Culture & Leadership Analysis

Your company culture is your organization’s DNA. It’s made up of the rituals and practices that your people employ every single day.

Understanding your company’s DNA is the only way you can design a progressive, high performance organization with a competitive edge. We help you design your progressive pathway into the future based on the results of a thorough leadership analysis.

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Leading Your People Through Change

Simply creating a design for updating your company culture and simply developing a robust, yet streamlined, strategic plan won’t be enough.

The only way you and those within your company can think differently is if there is change—in how you communicate, in how you lead people, in how you implement your plan, in how you encourage your people to do what they do, etc.

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A Re-Design of Your Strategic Planning Process

Most strategic plans fail, which isn’t good for your organizational equity.

The research tells us that many company plans are actually very good. So why don’t those plans ever reach fruition? The plan itself doesn’t fail; it’s the implementation of that plan that falters.

We help you design your strategy in a way that simplifies the complexity of implementation.

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Executive Coaching

Efficiency is important in any business, but it’s only part of the overall leadership equation. The higher-level question is: How effective am I?

Our Executive Coaching initiatives are designed to accelerate your growth as an effective leader. Our 360 Process and Assessment Procedures are used to help accelerate your natural strengths while also pinpointing the weaknesses that are sabotaging your overall strategic intent as a leader.

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Culture & Leadership Analysis

Your company culture is your organization’s DNA. It’s made up of the rituals and practices that your people employ every single day. You have a formal organizational structure; your culture, though, is your company’s invisible structure. Invisible, and powerful. Understanding your company’s cultural DNA is the only way you can design a progressive, high performance organization with a competitive edge. We help you design your progressive pathway into the future based on the results of a thorough leadership analysis.

Research demonstrates the power of challenging our assumptions about leadership. In fact, organizations that leverage transformational leadership as a strategy outperform the competition on multiple levels. Knowing this is one thing. Implementing it is another matter. The bottom line (literally) is this: How you lead people matters.

According to the research, having a key success leverage is your secret weapon. Your success leverage hinges on the invisible structure of your organization because this is where the power of action actually exists. Without understanding the dynamics of your organization’s invisible structure, your ability to grow, sustain and move toward your organizational vision are limited.

McCullough Leadership Group partners with leaders to help them do what they do…better. Excellence in leadership is a very personal journey and, for maximum impact, it should also be a results-oriented journey. Beginning with an initial leadership analysis, McCullough Group works with leaders in your company to establish and leverage specific leadership goals to move your organization forward. These goals, coupled with newfound skills, provide a framework for leadership alignment within your organization that is observable as well as measurable.

To do this, McCullough Group will do one or more of the following:

  • One-on-One Interviews with a cross-section of your people (either company-wide or at the divisional level)
  • 360 Leadership Assessments and Analysis
  • Various leadership assessments, as needed (such as The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator for Leaders, the CPI 260 Report for Leaders, the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Assessment, the Denison Culture Survey, the Denison Leadership 360 Survey, or a customized survey that targets your desired outcomes)
  • Customized Executive Coaching
  • Executive Team and/or Leadership Team Consultation & Training

Leading Your People Through Change

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing environment, organizational resilience is more relevant than ever before. Your company’s competitive edge does not come from high-end machinery or high-tech implementation. Today’s competitive edge comes from within the human mind. Therefore, your competitive edge comes from the collective intelligence of every single individual you employ.

“Change always brings with it a degree of chaos, a hint of rebellion, and a very strong (although irrational) desire to stay the way we’ve always been.”

–Cathy McCullough

McCullough Group has worked with and performed continual research on key thought leaders such as Dr. Joel Barker, Dr. Tor Dahl, Sir Ken Robinson, Dr. John Kotter, and more. In alignment with other teachings by popular authors, including Marshall Goldsmith, Cathy McCullough has designed consultations easily customizable for you and your organization. Count on McCullough Group to guide your organization toward a culture of resiliency and long-term sustainability. Be prepared to lead people from current reality to future state, and do so in a way that inspires and captivates the energy of your key asset—which is your people. Keys to the process include the following.

  • Thinking on the Verge: Creating a Culture of Innovation
  • Leading Strategic Change
  • Growing & Sustaining a Learning Organization
  • The Power of Collective Decision-Making

A Re-Design of Your Strategic Planning Process

It’s interesting to think about a few questions. For instance: What makes a company great? Why do most strategic plans fail? Why can’t most companies build higher levels of accountability? What are the mechanics behind high-performance that lead an organization to sustainable success?

McCullough Leadership Group facilitates you through a streamlined process for creating a strong and actionable Annual Strategic Plan that has clear priorities, who’s accountable for what, and definitions (for each annual initiative) of what success looks like.

In turn, you’ll be guided through the creation of a Quarterly Plan with the same level of detail as noted above. In essence, every quarter is a 13-week race; i.e., you have 13 weeks to see movement, so your Quarterly Plan becomes essential.

You’ll be provided with a meeting rhythm for maximizing your plan’s success, thereby creating a focus on real-time solutions to any challenges that arise along the way. Your team will be more focused and aligned. As the journey continues, you’ll notice your company evolving into a more disciplined, empowered culture of transparency. Combined with evolving your leaders to understand new leadership strategies and growing in your understanding of how to lead people through the changes that will be necessary to embed this change, you’ll be armed with the “what” (your company’s core strategy) as well as with the “how” (how your leaders go about engaging people to higher levels of accountability and performance).

“All the consultants in the world cannot begin to equal the real world, real time battle scars of the people who are in the trenches each day trying to steer their organizations to safety and success. It is my firm belief that the knowledge I gained through my [various interactions] with McCullough Leadership Group has helped me provide better direction and leadership to our team during very trying economic circumstances and challenges.”

– GM, Global Manufacturing Company

“For over a decade I have been exposed to Cathy McCullough’s thought leadership which has greatly influenced my leadership style and approach to culture. Cathy was the first consultant to expose me to key concepts that helped me, as a CEO, to streamline our strategic planning process and strengthen our corporate culture as a part of that process. Through her leadership, our company has returned on average 33% per year since inception, and maintained net income averages of 15% to 20%. I see the power behind creating a culture where personal accountability is the norm. These elements have been a major contributor to our retaining excellent people, managers, and senior leaders.”

– CEO, National IT Solutions Company

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is a very personal course of action that can make a huge, positive difference (both short-term and long-term) in the performance of those around you. Our Executive Coaching initiatives are designed to be used to help accelerate your abilities, to help you to be more successful in reaching your expressed outcomes, and to have more of what you desire in your personal and professional environments.

Executive Coaching focuses on your professional development and at the same time addresses the whole person. The emphasis is on becoming more self-aware and on uncovering developmental needs that can lead to increased professional and personal fulfillment. In addition, emphasis is placed on balance and effectiveness, thereby producing meaningful action. Our Coaches are committed to helping you grow and develop in whatever ways you need. In our coaching sessions, nothing is off the table. You are encouraged to be your full self. The more your Coach knows about you, the more effective your Coach can be.

What you can expect from your Executive Coach:

  1. Commitment to your success
  2. A non-judgmental and encouraging position, allowing you to relax and explore your present and future path
  3. Complete confidentiality (as much as is allowed by law)
  4. Updates to your supervisor. However, prior to any discussion with your supervisor, you and I will review any information that I may be asked to share. All other information is confidential (except for any information I am required by law to report).
  5. Open, honest, and candid feedback
  6. Intent listening and, when appropriate, suggestions of new insights and discovery
  7. A belief that many times you already have the answer, but that you just need someone to ask you the right questions, etc.
  8. An intention to have the coaching relationship equip you to move through new behavioral processes independently and to know when you need help going forward
  9. A goal of bringing out the best in you at present and seek your greatest future direction.
  10. A resource and a sounding board for you to break through barriers and accomplish your goals

What is expected from you as the Coachee:

  • A commitment to an internal and external focused self-evaluation
  • Pursuit of a limited number of professional goals for our work together
  • Experimentation with new behaviors and adjusted self-talk when necessary
  • An openness to feedback and suggestions
  • Ownership for your progress and accomplishments.

“I gained a greater vision for allowing the common symbols and stories that are unique to our division to be cultivated. This has resulted in a stronger team dynamic and fosters mutual respect and a greater willingness to collaborate among team members to solve problems.”

– COO, Regional Medical Center

“Discovered better who I am – my strengths – and how to identify when those become weaknesses, and adapt. This includes being honest about what I need as a manager/leader with employees.”

– Vice President, Banking Industry

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