What We Believe

Companies are Social Organisms

Kids are masters at creativity. As adults, we underestimate the power of the creative spirit in the world of work. Oddly enough, stability is found in freedom—NOT in conformity and compliance.

Great Leaders are Inquisitive Explorers

Great leaders excel at experimenting and discovering what’s possible at all levels of scale.

Your Company Culture is Set by Leadership

Good or bad, in everything you do a culture blueprint is being written—every single day, with every decision and with every action…

Life is Attracted to a Sense of Order

“Order” is a necessary ingredient of the universe we live in. Order is necessary so that a diverse and complex system, such as your company, can even exist at all. “Order” is found in your internal networks, in behavioral patterns, and in your invisible organizational structure.

“What an amazing contribution {this involvement} has made to me and to my company! Of all the business consultants I’ve worked with, this one stands out as the single most important. As a result…I have been able to reshape my company into a more focused, productive, profitable, and exciting organization.”

– CEO, Oil & Gas Industry


The best leaders are also the best learners. Today’s business landscape requires what psychologist Howard Gardner calls “Searchlight Intelligence.” This layer of intellect is the ability to connect the dots between ideas and the implementation of those ideas.

Without an informed perspective, leaders simply cannot distinguish which ideas might be most worthy relative to their organization’s emerging future. The ability to adapt your thinking and alter your mental picture of where you’re trying to lead people is a key leadership skill that warrants continuous learning.

Great leaders expedite their own learning in varied ways.

  • They take the time to read articles, books, and blogs.
  • They intentionally schedule strategic ‘Think Time’ each week. Click here if you’d like information on subscribing to LeaderHuddle, McCullough Leadership Group’s quarterly insights designed to help leaders ‘stay smart.’ LeaderHuddle is a quick leadership read designed to prompt thinking and challenge current leadership assumptions, while also keeping leaders in the loop on changing business practices.
  • They take the time to extend their thinking by attending higher-level Executive Symposiums. If you’re interested in receiving information on a future Executive Symposium, click here to contact McCullough Leadership Group.
  • They engage in Executive Coaching, which is an intensive and personal pathway to increased enlightenment around key strategic leadership practices.
  • They join together in a private, invitation-only peer-to-peer network, such as McCullough Leadership Group’s Executive Officer Network. This network is a roundtable of executive officers that come together on a regular basis to create solutions for their business issues and challenges while also learning to maximize their own leadership impact.

If you’re interested in joining a current or future executive level think-tank, click here to contact McCullough Leadership Group.

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