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Partnering with your executives one by one, she can inspire change you might have never believed to be possible. Tapping into a wealth of information from some of the names featured here, among others, while calling on certain niche experts as needed, Cathy is determined to deliver results.

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“The best leaders stay smart and consistently read up on industry trends, human interest stories and generally relevant issues of today.”

– Cathy McCullough

The McCullough Group challenge: If you don’t currently schedule time for reading, reflective thought and study, start. Block off 30 minutes each day for one month and do not let anything interfere with your reading, contemplation and reflective thinking.

After that one month of spending an hour a day on these priorities, re-evaluate which block of time will be convenient for you to continue this practice into the future. You’ll likely have formed a habit and your hunger for knowledge will drive your schedule to remain built around your continued professional development as an executive leader. Check back here often and subscribe to our social media so we can help drive good information your direction.

“Leadership has everything to do with productivity and forward movement. With that said, then, you can see why no organization can grow more rapidly than its leader. Likewise, no division can grow faster than its division head, and so on.”

– Cathy McCullough

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