Sir Ken Robinson

Sir Ken Robinson

Cathy McCullough first met Sir Ken when she arranged for him to speak to an extended executive client group. She was fascinated by his discussion of creativity and innovation (and the differences between the two). As a result, Sir Ken and Cathy communicate on thoughts and perspectives relative to the innovative thinking needs of today’s corporate executives.

Sir Ken is especially concerned with the educational arena and Cathy firmly believes that every teacher should understand the degree to which s/he has a preference for innovative thinking…or doesn’t. Otherwise, how can teachers teach innovative thinking? What’s the balance between innovation and structure in the classroom? Likewise, how can leaders foster innovative thinking? What’s the balance between innovation and structure in your company’s business meetings?

Cathy uses the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator to help teachers, as well as corporate executives, understand natural preferences relative to visionary thinking. The tool also helps individuals understand unique differences, how they communicate, how they go about making decisions and how they tend to deal with conflict. It’s a body of work that is a way for clients to understand the degree to which they can employ the innovative thinking Sir Ken Robinson discusses and, alongside McCullough, champions.

Sir Ken is “an incredible speaker,” according to McCullough. In his home country (the UK), he’s been knighted (hence, “Sir” Ken Robinson). More importantly, he’s a man with passion about fostering innovation and creativity.

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