Cathy McCullough

Cathy McCullough

Cathy McCullough, founder of McCullough Group, has been a speaker and consultant on organization & leadership development for 20+ years. She says the reward she values most is the “ah ha” moments her clients express, the healing relationships she facilitates and the spike in production clients celebrate after a frustrating, stagnant plateau.

Her clients appreciate her “contagious passion, sincere care and unquenchable energy.” Speaking reviews tout her content and presentation style as “the right amount of funny, the right amount of meat, the right amount of motivation.”

When asked what solution she provides, she says, “We fix broken teams and help leaders who don’t know why they’re not getting the results they desire. We heal a person’s spirit – and ultimately a corporate or team spirit.”

McCullough Group works on the soul of a company that gives people meaning beyond the task list, McCullough says. The group of experts partner together to help clients learn how to create impact instead of just checking off a daily to-do list. McCullough facilitates change so executives can see their ROI increase and enjoy becoming productive leaders. McCullough’s consulting, speaking and upcoming books give leaders a stronger peace of mind, distinct direction and certain discipline.

McCullough Group partners with organizational leaders to reach strategic intent while maximizing leadership impact, thereby mastering organizational excellence at all levels.