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I’m so thankful that you all take the time to read my blog every week.  It is my pleasure to get to share my passion with you.  In addition to this week’s blog, I wanted to include some extra reading that goes along with the country’s current events.  With the government shut down happening yesterday, I want everyone to be as informed as possible about the Health Care Reform.  This is important to every person and every business.  Let’s become informed individuals who make the best possible decisions for our business and our country.  I hope you enjoy this week’s extra edition of LeaderHuddle!

(1) Five Things You Don’t Know about Health Care Reform

Insurance sign-ups are just around the corner for millions of Americans under health-care reform, yet there’s still much people don’t know about this landmark legislation, particularly those changes occurring over the next decade inside hospitals, clinics, and doctors’ offices. It’s a workforce thing. All the attention is on politics, or who will receive what benefits and where the money will come from. But the most important question is…. Read More

(2) Obamacare 2013: Obama’s Legacy Tied to Health Care Reform that Bears His Name

In his first term, President Barack Obama made history. Now he has to make good. In 2010, Obama bested Theodore Roosevelt, Harry S. Truman, Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton by pushing through Congress a big health care reform law — a sweeping measure that aims to extend coverage to at least 30 million of the country’s 49 million uninsured. The Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare — the president now says he likes the term — Read More

(3) Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to Retire. What Happens Next Won’t Be Pretty

Ballmer has said for years now that he intended to retire when the last of his kids completed high school, and some back-of-the-envelope math put that retirement date in 2017 or so. The question now is whether the accelerated retirement schedule was Ballmer’s own idea or that of the company’s board.

According to Microsoft, Ballmer opted to leave now because it has much work to do as it shifts from being a software company to one that focuses more on… Read More

(4) Nobelist on America’s Missing Economic Mojo and How To Get It Back

Economist Edmund Phelps has spent most of his career investigating the conditions of economic growth. It is a worthy topic of a life’s focus, given that an increase in growth from the current level of about 2% to 4% would solve most of America’s (and arguably the world’s) most pressing problems, from high unemployment and budget deficits to bankrupt entitlement programs. And indeed, Phelps is credited with deepening our understanding of how national savings effects economic growth, as his 2006 Nobel Prize attests.

But in the middle of the last decade, he grew frustrated with the way that most economists approach one of the key components of growth, namely… Read More

(5) Your Culture is your Brand (Blog by Tony H, CEO of Zappos)

Building a brand today is very different from building a brand 50 years ago. It used to be that a few people got together in a room, decided what the brand positioning was going to be, and then spent a lot of money buying advertising telling people what their brand was. And if you were able to spend enough money, then you were able to build your brand.

It’s a very different world today. With the Internet connecting everyone together, companies are becoming more and more transparent whether they like it or not. (Link is no longer online)

Stay Smart!

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