Those Youngsters

I talk a lot about “that younger generation.” Well, it appears researchers are finding out some really interesting trends about these young ones. Turns out, they’re not really so different from their parents, but they’re different in that they’ll take a few risks. They love to share ideas (yes, they can be a bit high maintenance) and they expect to be a part of something bigger (yes, keeping them entertained is a chore).

The advantage to YOU, though, might be just the spark you need to create a more entrepreneurial environment where their ideas – not to mention their incredible grasp and bold, fearlessness of technology – can pave the way toward a more profitable future. In a recent article by Author Martin Lindstrom, Generation Y Is Born To Startup, he says “…there’s one fundamental difference between then and now: Generation Y are born entrepreneurs.” What is your experience with the Generation Y’ers? What is this generation bringing to the table? Where can you see learning opportunities for you and them within your team?

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