Executive Symposium

June 26, 2019 • Join us!

This year’s Executive Symposium features Dr. Caroline Fisher, who will share important insights from her years of research and first-hand experience in helping leaders assess, design and develop their organization’s culture to support (and accelerate) the performance they desire. It is now understood that every organization, upon inception, begins forming a culture (ways of working together, habits and behaviors throughout the workplace) that either support the desired performance – or hinder it. In today’s great organizations, small or large and at any stage of growth, the goal is to intentionally design and develop the culture that will directly support stated strategies and sustained results. Far from ‘soft stuff,’ culture is now known to be the single most potent driver of organizational success.

Envision what it would be like to…

…have a transformational company culture;
…smoothly and steadily run your organization (vs. it running you);
…create this ‘thing’ called high performance;
…work with people who hold themselves accountable;
…eliminate workplace drama;
…see increased revenue, customer satisfaction, profitability, and employee retention; and
…create higher levels of innovative thinking.

Yes, it’s all possible!

Cathy McCullough, founder of McCullough Leadership Group, has a passion for helping leaders strategically do what they do, but better. It’s time for you to stop working harder, and start working differently.