Thrive: XImpact™ Development Circle for Emerging Leaders

McCullough Leadership Group, in partnership with Cross Impact Coaching, announces THRIVE!, a peer-to-peer coaching program for high potential emerging leaders. THRIVE is a select group of emerging leaders who will develop into a leadership community to extend and develop their understanding of leadership effectiveness as well as their own personal impact on organizational success.

Official Inc 5000 Facilitator

Envision what it would be like to...

…have a transformational company culture;
…smoothly and steadily run your organization (vs. it running you);
…create this ‘thing’ called high performance;
…work with people who hold themselves accountable;
…eliminate workplace drama;
…see increased revenue, customer satisfaction, profitability, and employee retention; and
…create higher levels of innovative thinking.

Yes, it’s all possible!

Cathy McCullough, founder of McCullough Leadership Group, has a passion for helping leaders strategically do what they do, but better. It's time for you to stop working harder, and start working differently.