Envision what it would be like to...

  • have a transformational company culture;
  • smoothly and steadily run your organization (vs. it running you);
  • create this ‘thing’ called high performance;
  • work with people who hold themselves accountable;
  • eliminate workplace drama;
  • see increased revenue, customer satisfaction, profitability, and employee retention; and
  • create higher levels of innovative thinking.


Cathy McCullough, the founder of McCullough Leadership Group, has a passion for helping leaders strategically do what they do, but better.
It's time for you to stop working harder, and start working differently.


Revenue Growth

of 72% in one year for one organization and double-digit growth for another!

Rapid Improvements

in transparency for better decisions, faster progress & increased efficiency!

Reshaped Company

into a more focused, productive, profitable, and exciting organization!


in low performing industry vertical increased by 222% over four years.

Start Your Journey Now!

McCullough Leadership Group works with you as a facilitator of your transformational journey. This journey begins at the leadership level and helps you and other leaders in your organization understand how to clarify your strategic intent for growing your company toward greatness on all fronts. It’s a journey that encompasses both the “what” as well as the “how.”

You’ll lead your company toward becoming a learning organization that celebrates systems thinking, which will eliminate silo mentality and low levels of personal accountability. Instead, you’ll have a culture of transparency, clarity, focus, and alignment, all in a company culture that embraces higher levels of accountability.

Believe in yourself, in other leaders, in your peers, and in your people. Ask yourself: What if we could do this? What if?

You’ll come to love the journey. You’ll also love the results!



Great leaders think differently. They become masters at challenging their own assumptions because they come to recognize the business relevance of learning and reflecting on that learning. They understand that knowledge isn’t power. Applied knowledge is power.

Commit time each week for learning. Part of that learning can come from the information Cathy shares with you in the soundbites provided through her blog, LeaderHuddle. It’s one place where leaders can broaden their thinking and perspectives on what it’s like to lead a great company. You’ll find good leadership food for thought through Cathy’s writings, interviews, case studies, resources, and more.

Book Cathy for Your Next Conference or Workshop!

Cathy McCullough is a renowned speaker at state, regional, national, and international conferences. If you are an association or organization seeking a keynote speaker, a workshop presentation, or a panelist, connect with us to learn more!